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In a recent collaboration, Starfish  joined forces with Bijib, a seasoned player in the Australian healthcare sector, to embark on an ambitious journey into the Indian market. This case study provides insights into the early stages of our partnership and the strategic initiatives undertaken to lay the foundation for Root91 - a brand poised to revolutionize healthcare in India.

Challenges Faced:

With our collaboration in its infancy, we acknowledge the initial challenges faced by Bijib in translating its Australian success to the unique landscape of Indian healthcare. Our focus is on crafting a strategic roadmap to address these challenges and ensure a seamless entry into the Indian market.

Early Strategic Initiatives:

Market Analysis:

Root91's journey begins with a comprehensive market analysis, laying the groundwork to understand the intricacies of the Indian healthcare sector. This ongoing analysis will inform our strategy, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with the diverse needs of the Indian population.

Tech Product Development:

Root91's success hinges on providing solutions that meet the specific healthcare needs of India. We are actively involved in developing two distinct products – one catering to individual health and wellbeing, and the other streamlining hospital and clinic management. These products are in the early stages of development, aligning with the nuances of the Indian healthcare system.

Brand Positioning:

As we lay the foundation for Root91, our focus is on creating a brand identity that will resonate with the Indian audience. The brand positioning is a work in progress, reflecting our commitment to balancing tradition and innovation to create a brand that aligns seamlessly with the cultural fabric of India.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

Our go-to-market strategy is taking shape, emphasizing a phased approach to ensure Root91's gradual but impactful entry into the Indian healthcare market. This involves strategic partnerships, targeted marketing efforts, and creating awareness around Root91's upcoming offerings.

Branding and Marketing:

The branding and marketing strategy is evolving to tell a compelling story of Root91's journey, values, and its vision for positive impact in Indian healthcare. Our focus is on building anticipation and laying the groundwork for a successful market launch.

Sales & Operations Strategy:

Root91's sales and operations strategy is in the early stages of formulation. We are actively working on creating a robust framework that will ensure smooth integration of Root91's solutions into the Indian healthcare ecosystem, with an emphasis on training and customer-centric support systems.

Anticipated Impact:

Tech-Driven Healthcare: Root91's envisioned products aim to introduce cutting-edge, tech-driven solutions to the Indian healthcare landscape, promoting a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Cultural Relevance: The ongoing brand development process seeks to position Root91 as culturally relevant, establishing a deep connection with the Indian audience.

Strategic Market Entry: The evolving go-to-market strategy is designed to facilitate a strategic entry, building momentum and anticipation around Root91's forthcoming solutions.

Future Prospects:

Root91 aims to be a hub for healthcare innovation, introducing solutions that align with the specific needs of the Indian market.

The planned dual product offerings are set to create a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and healthcare providers.

Root91 envisions creating a positive and lasting impact on the Indian healthcare landscape, introducing efficient and innovative solutions.