Our Team

Philip Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Philip truly believes in the limitless potential of all startup ideas. He has conceptualised Starfish to have a unique entrepreneur ecosystem that is equipped to empower and nurture innovation, right from an idea-stage by offering them a customized growth plan and support ecosystem to flourish in the competitive environment.

Manish Kohli

Chief Operations Officer

For Manish, no challenge is too big or too small. With two decades of work experience in the Customer services domain working with Fortune 100 companies spanning Financial services, Technology support, Client & Shareholder management, Transitions, and Operations, Manish brings immense experience and guidance to the Starfish team.

Harsha Krishna

Vice President & Head of Business

Over a decade of experience in management consulting, client management and investment raising. She plays a key advisory role in navigating the success of clients and partners within our ecosystem. She has a laser-sharp approach to understand partner's pain points and to design solution-oriented roadmaps to overcome them.