Starfish believes in a holistic approach to evaluating and enabling fundraise for seed and pre-series A stage companies.
We do not believe that excel sheets represent businesses fully and therefore the priority given to studying only
numbers at the early stage is flawed.
Our vision is to democratize access of funds to every qualified idea based on the passion, performance and potential of our portfolio companies. For this, we prioritize business potential that we can harness through our own expertise or partners.

Our Approach

Investing in the Future

Ideas metamorphose into success stories when they are evaluated fairly for the potential they hold. We will roll up our sleeves to get involved in businesses to unlock greater market traction, thereby elevating scope for fundraise

Billion User Markets

We focus heavily on organizations that have future market potential and even faster scalability. The bigger the problem we are solving, the more the collaboration potential

Numbers only tell Half the Story

We do not believe in investments made on balance sheets and excel reports. While statistics are important to gauge trajectory, a lot depends on the people behind the idea

The Ecosystem Fit

While we are sector agnostic, we firmly believe in the potential of the ecosystem play. Starfish will identify high growth sectors like education, healthcare and digital to create mini-portfolios to enable cross pollination, matching synergies and deep industry leverage for the mutual benefit of the sector based portfolio

Where do we create value

What are the fund options

Starfish Growth Partners offers access to capital to high potential
early stage startups as a bifurcation of:

Investor Fund

Proprietary Fund

Let’s re-imagine & re-engineer a world of Innovation together

A clarion call for early stage entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve escape velocity and fast track their ideas towards deployment and market seeding. We would love to hear more and navigate you towards a greater chance of success.